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Country Report: Morocco Throne Day 2020In face of this unprecedented situation, the cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Morocco stands as a testament to countries that are dedicated to battling the coronavirus.
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승인 2020.09.04  14:26:23
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▲ In face of this unprecedented situation, the cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Morocco stands as a testament to countries that are dedicated to battling the coronavirus, says Morocco Amb. Chafik Rachadi.
On the occasion of the Morocco Throne Day 2020, Morocco Amb. H.E Chafik Rachadi contributed his English article to the Power Korea Media Group, says that it provides the opportunity to decide and announce plans for our future, based on our values, progress and hopes.-Ed. On July 30, the Kingdom of Morocco celebrated the 21st anniversary of the accession of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the throne. This celebration always serves as a reminder and reaffirmation of the strong bonds between the King and the people of Morocco. It is a regular opportunity to reflect on the past, present, and the future of our country. We can recall our ancestors and the deep traditions that still nourish our values and keep us relying on our unique mix of cultures. It gives us a pause in this moment, where we can evaluate the present state of our progress, both in the domestic sphere and in our newfound role in the international community. Finally, it provides the opportunity to decide and announce plans for our future, based on our values, progress and hopes. This year, in 2020, our Throne Day celebrations may have been postponed due to COVID-19. However, His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the citizens of the Kingdom of Morocco remain all, likely more, dedicated to our shared histories and visions for the future. In this year's Throne Day address to the nation, His Majesty King Mohammed VI outlined several measures that the government has taken to deal with the spread of the coronavirus. These measures are aimed at alleviating the pandemic's negative effects on health, economy and the society. Concerning both the economy and society, in addition to tackling the pandemic, His Majesty wants to seize this moment as an opportunity to reorder priorities and build the foundations of a stronger and more competitive economy as well as a more inclusive social model. In this context, His Majesty is guiding the government and the various actors to focus on the challenges and priorities imposed by this juncture. Therefore, the two main central pillars of this year's address focused on: i) a bold economic recovery plan that will inject MAD 120 billion ($12.8 billion) into the system, earning it attention as one of the most "enterprising countries in terms of post-crisis stimulus packages" First, His Majesty acknowledged the negative effects of the pandemic upon the Moroccan economy, but urged the country to see this as a way to reevaluate and restructure the foundations and mechanisms of the economy, in support of more robustness and resilience heading into the future. These special funds will foster the recovery of the productive sectors and save jobs and incomes, so that citizens will feel confident as the country rebuilds alongside the rest of the world. The second pillar of his address turned the national attention to a specific plan for the social security. In his 2018 address, the King called for reform to Morocco's social security programs so that they would provide maximum benefits for all citizens of the country. This year, moreover, His Majesty set a deadline and plan for implementing his vision in this area, emphasizing the essentiality of providing a fair and equitable distribution of resources. Showing his own deep engagement with this task, he laid out concrete steps for the government, from medical benefits and family allowances to pensions and unemployment benefits. Throughout the speech of His Majesty, he highlighted and praised the strong social bonds and the solidarity that our country's people have already demonstrated in these difficult times. Such national fortitude provides us every reason to face the coming years with full optimism that we will emerge stronger and better prepared to take our role on the world's stage. As the entire world faces the global pandemic of COVID-19, we have witnessed the devastation that this fast-moving virus can have, but we have also witnessed an unprecedented outreach of knowledge-sharing and support as we combat this disease as a global community. From every corner of the world, the people tasked with halting this pandemic are sharing experiences and working together to explore best practices for the detection, treatment and prevention of the disease. Humankind is uniting as never before to face a common enemy, despite cultural, linguistic and technological divides, with focus to save lives and prevent further virus spread. As the situation continues to unfold, we need stronger relationships, both domestically and internationally, in order to succeed in overcoming the related challenges. On the international level, the royal approach, hailed by the Pan African Parliament (PAP), calls for the adoption of a pragmatic and action-oriented initiative, enabling the sharing of experiences and best practices to address the health, economic and social impacts of the coronavirus. As His Majesty the King underlined in previous occasions, Africa, now more than ever, must be self-reliant and confident in its ability to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. Thus far, the continent has shown resilience due to an appropriate level of preparedness to face this pandemic. The pandemic has taught us that active solidarity and enhanced cooperation among us Africans is essential. A staunch defender of the ''African response to African challenges'' spirit, His Majesty King Mohammed VI led the way by donating medical consignment to the African Union to fight COVID-19. The Kingdom of Morocco proceeded, under the instructions of His Majesty Mohammed VI, to send medical supplies to many friendly and brotherly African countries and provide medical assistance to African Peers. After the Sovereign consulted with African peers, he launched the initiative to establish an operational framework to accompany these countries in their phases of managing the coronavirus. It is worth mentioning that all the protective products and equipment making up the medical aid sent to African countries have been produced in Morocco by national companies, and they comply with the international standards, notably those of the World Health Organization. In face of this unprecedented situation, the cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Morocco stands as a testament to countries that are dedicated to battling the coronavirus both within and beyond our borders. In the spirit of the international cooperation and with the belief that this collaboration is our best weapon, our nations have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship as we face this ongoing pandemic. I am proud to say that now my country is conducting more than 20,000 tests per day nationwide, everywhere from airports to villages. The majority of the testing products are sourced right here in Korea. In doing this, we are confident about the quality and accuracy. Further, my country has organized several flights to Korea to bring interested Korean citizens back home, and we were also able to send those diagnostic materials and equipment we bought in those same flights. Over the years, the traditional friendship between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Korea has expanded and flourished into thriving, mutually beneficial and bilateral relations. From the beginning of my tenure as ambassador of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, it has been my goal to work with the Korean government, business sectors and people to bring this bilateral cooperation to the next level. In these uncertain times, our two countries have reaffirmed and reinforced their healthy collaboration, through intensive exchanges that have benefited the citizens of both nations. In a time where bonds could either fragment or fortify, our countries have shown that they are intent on mutual support and determined to walk together toward the future. The present has served to demonstrate just how robust our connection has already become and just how much we will benefit from greater engagement in the future. Building upon our past successes and present cooperation, I hope that we are also laying a foundation for innovative forms of cooperation. We have seen that leadership and trust are essential both domestically and internationally, and the effects of the current pandemic have only served to convey and emphasize that message to the global community. The Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Korea have both demonstrated that strong and transparent national leadership can give confidence to their citizens in both good and challenging times. Further, the collaboration of our countries in the midst of the present challenges can only make us even more optimistic about the future. With our foundations reconfirmed and solidified, we can build upon our present strong relationship and go forward confidently into a more secure and successful future.
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